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Computer Services and Data Recovery

We have been Computing since 1980s and via our shop since 1993 and still serving our locals



Computer Services include:

  • Data Recovery from almost any Media: Flash Drive, USB Memory Stick [or Dongle - wrong word, but ...], SD card, External Hard Drive, Internal Hard Drive [i.e. Laptop, PC, etc.]
  • Repair or Replacement of Laptop Power Supply DC socket
  • Replacement Laptop LCD Screen
  • We fix PCs down to Windows XP, unless they have been attempted a repair first - Windows XP is very delicate and the system can be broken, meaning reinstalling it is forced and it may take a long time as there are some problems that Microsoft really 'never' fixed and we may 'refuse' this repair - sorry!
  • We fix mouse 'cable' not wireless - i.e. we rewire it using same cable - sometime they are very good and expensive it is worth repairing them - we mean the 'wired optical's' only
  • For more information, please visit our Computing Website

    Grabytes - Langley Park, County Durham Local Computer Repairs and Accessories
  • You will also find most common accessories:
    • Media [CD, DVD, DVD-DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, Memory sticks, SD and micro Cards and so on]
    • Devices [Keyboards, Mice, Extension Cables, etc.]
    • Internal Hardware [SATA, IDE, Power leads, etc. only]
    • External Hardware [VGA, HDMI, Audio Cables, PC
    • Mains adaptor
    • USB lead to use in conjunction with the above
    • Screen protectors for iPad [some] and iPhone [some]
    • Data cable and earphones and earphone splitters
    • about 10 other USB cables for use with most common phones
    • USB 10-in-1 or 12-in-1 cables -depending on stock received
    • iPhone 5 Data / Charger Cable

      We do not sell internal Hardware at present, we only sell if it is part of a Repair [i.e. ordered for a repair].


      Thank you for supporting 'your' Local Businesses

      There is a good choice of businesses in Langley Park, Durham


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Fair Statement of Pure Electronics

It is silly to claim to be able to repair anything - we do not!
The aim is to do our best, within reasonable 'human' limits.

Limits normally are either lack or too expensive spare parts or simply we are not specialized on a certain field.

Sometime we can create our own Mods and keep Brown Goods working for longer.
Especially 'expensive' accessories for gadgets and Music Centres, Play Docks, etc.

This is what we have always done and often get results, but it is not always possible and may not be cost effective.

We do Reflow of GPUs/etc. circuit boards where possible.

In the unlikely event we cannot help you and it usually is because we do not carry out repairs on certain devices or it is not economical for us to do it [i.e. requires too much time] or simply it is not our specialty - we say 'we cannot help you and why'

We do not hide behind our counter &
we will recommend you to a reputable business for your device [if we know one].

We do not own a Cowboy hat!

You always know where you are with us, we keep you - the customer - informed.

We keep a Listing of Devices we Repair of over 90 pages these days and they are updated when we get the time.
MSelectrical always give you an idea of costs, either on the counter or via estimate [i.e. we examine device and call you with an estimate of costs].
Although an Estimate, remains an estimate and not a certainty as many devices can show other faults after we repair the main one and make it run again.
In that case we will inform you if there is further work to be done.

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