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Apple © Now Offers Genuine Parts and Tools to ‘chosen’ Independent Repair Shops BUT … shops cannot show Apple Logo out side their shop, the costs are still too high and very few small independent shops have actually signed up to that.

Since iPhone X, Apple ©  has started to add internal hardware paired to each phone, that means if you replace any of those parts with non-Apple ©, you will either get a warning saying:


or / and phone ‘might’ not work properly!

The move ‘seems’ to be to make iPhone have Original parts fitted for ‘so-called’ good working order!

Surprise, surprise? Even if you instal a ORIGINAL part, lets say the screen, well you get the same warning and ONLY Apple © or approved Apple © repair shop can restore it to normal functions!

See here what Apple has been doing since 2018-2019 to stop your DIY and Independent shop doing repairs!


With iPad Air 2 included and iPad Mini 4 they started to glues glass/digitiser onto the LCD, making the job more difficult to do and raising replacement costs by 3-4 times, trying to force you or Independent shops to replace whole expensive screen unit  = the usual!

We do not do those at present, although you might find some repairers carry out a glass only replacement that require shops to acquire at least 2 more appliances to detach glass from LCD unit and re-glue onto it + a machine to clear it from micro-bubbles – that too has its costs -and not only for equipment – but also requires more time to do = charged more than a standard glass replacement.

At the same time Apple © has release ‘slightly’ less-expensive versions of the  called 2017-2018-2019-2020 which have glass NOT attached to LCD.

Welcome to the new Century !

We at MS Electrical strive to help you keep your ‘expensive’ gadgets running and keep ou Earth greener too!