GHD Repair Durham

MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician
We have no affiliation with Jemella Group Ltd. (trading as GHD®)

We repair GHD 3, GHD 4, GHD IV Styler, GHD 5 series only
All repairs are safely checked – PAT (Portable Appliance Testing)

Most repairs are carried out within 1 hour, if we are not too busy and you bring it in the morning – we have a few nice Coffee shops where you can wait while your GHD repair i s carried out.

GHD 3, 4 and 5 series can be repaired from only £. 29 (standard repair) & you can keep them for a very long time – better than pay for a new one !  If you bought it second hand, there might be more problems than 2 faults, but generally all fixable.
Standard repair cost includes 2 standard faults, anything more, we will call you.

GHD Straightener Repairs

GHD Straightener Repairs

We do NOT repair below models for 3 main reasons:
GHD  Platinum S8T261, Platinum Plus S8T262, Gold S7N261 , Eclipse 6.0 and upwards

Reason 1.
The ‘few’ spares available are too expensive
Reason 2.
Their arm to metal Platinum corner attachment is VERY weak and it is very easy to break when in use and customers might  not realise it is already broken and can let damp/water through these gaps – where your hand holds it and where the mains cable is!
Reason 3.
They are not really built for maintenance ‘in our view’ they are a throw-away

Curlers and any Hairdryers are not repaired


The reasons we repair GHD Straighteners from version 3 to version 5 – i.e. MK3 MK4 MK5 only are:
– they are very good
SAFE and reliable
– Spares available
– worth repairing forever

With the cost for a new one, you can buy 2x refurbished GHDs
Warning – dangerous GHD fakes are sold and they might catch fire!

We do not repair Cloud Nine (we do not suggest them – our technical opinion) or any other make and we suggest you to get a New or Second hand GHD as spare – as long as models are within 3 and 5 – they are all repairable around £. 25

We STRONGLY suggest you to keep your old GHD 3 GHD4 GHD5 and keep repairing it or buy up to version 5 – in fact BUY a second pair with the saving you get by keeping having them Repaired
We are hoping Manufacturer keep re-manufacturing GHD4 and GHD 5, as they already produced the IV Styler [GHD4].

They do not last less because they are older, although some degradation is possible!

We have many customers happily still using the oldest GHD 3.0

Please STOP using it if you have intermittent on-off and/or it is crackling.
It may cause MORE damage and therefore the bill will be higher and it can be dangerous too. - GHD Straightener Repair – GHD Straightener Repair


Cost of repair is around £. 29 and it rarely goes higher unless user has continued to use their GHD while it was intermittent or attempted a repair, causing far more damage.

The highest repair cost we ever had was £. 39 – are you the one to beat that?
We hope not – STOP using it as soon as it start misbehaving – it usually saves ‘you’ around £. 10 over a standard repair.


GHD REPAIRS DURHAM – GHD most repaired for £29

We have been in Electrical, Electronics and Computing since the 1970s – you can be sure we are Professionals in our job.