MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician
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MS Electrical started in 1993 as TV Repair and sale of second hand TVs and video-recorders, Electrical accessories

We also used to repair the old Analogue Sky Receivers at the time.

We already started to get involved [as a business] with computers, although we have always been in computing since 1975/76 starting with the Sir Clive Sinclair’s Spectrum, Commodore 128 and we slowly progressed around 1980s through Windows DOS 3.1 and upgrades, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.
Even tough we did a course on RPGII and Cobol programming in the 80s + Data Transmission [for the Airport of Fiumicino in Rome – Italy – FCO] and in Basic Programming for printing purposes, we slowly started to use Microsoft DBase within Windows DOS environment for managing databases for AGIP ENI SNAM Group Tele-Faults [faults in the GAS line Electronics systems via computer]
The first time we lost data in our Established since 1993/94 Langley Park shop was tremendously frightening, but reading, learning and with trial and [no] errors, we managed to Recover them. We understood then, there must be many in the same situation, since Computing started coming to the masses from around 1984/85.

It prompted us to add Data Recovery and Erasure as Part of our business and it usually requires from 3 hours up to 5 days and rarely even longer.

We do have a good rate of saving data, about 90% and the 10% is mostly because either customers tried to recover data and inadvertently wrote ‘on it’ or the hardware was mechanically/electrically faulty and a Company Specialised on opening Hard Drives in a Dust-Free environment was required – a VERY expensive business with very expensive BILLS!

We are talking from £. 100 to £. 500

So 90% rate is actually 99% rate if device is not dead or customer did not try to do something about it and 1% failure if HDD is faulty.

When you call to MS Electrical for your Computer Problems, Apple iPhone Repair, you do not get your typical IT guy, but something more – when needed.

We also do repair some Samsung and SONY LCD TVs when possible – less and less these days as we have become a ‘ buy and throw away society ‘- we do not repair the actual LCD screen] – this part of business is phasing out.

Knowing electronics, helps us in ‘certain cases’ to actually understand the Electronics at component level – often is to costly.

Having stated the above, we cannot repair all device and we will let you know at the counter ‘if’ we can have a look at your device.

OUR MAIN WORK these days is the  Mobile Phones and Tablets Repair and among the service we replace LCD Screen on most Devices/Gadgets/Tablets/Laptops/Apple Devices, etc.

We carry out Repairs on PCBs/Circuitry at Microscopic level if possible and cost effective:

  • Charging Socket repair on almost all devices – mainly dependent on spares availability – cost effective
  • Charging Socket repair on Apple Devices including iPad iPhone and iPod
  • Other services are available for Apple devices, etc.
  • more to come – we are gearing up

ALL repairs we do and that need it, will have a PAT Service.

This includes GHD Straightener Repairs from 3.1 to 5 – we do not repair FROM version 6, because at present it has been engineered in a way that is not cost effective to repair – so, KEEP the GHD 5 and OLDER models.

We can get most spare parts and they can last many years and save you a lot of money!

Believe us,
we are not GODS and we do not pat our hands on our chest [Gorilla style].

We are human beings doing an ‘honest’ job and we strive to be professional at any time.

Thank you for shopping locally – let’s keep our business, OUR business i.e.,

Local !


Notes: DOS

A ‘manual’ Microsoft operative system – no Windows were present until Windows 95 was born – not even double-glazing!

All command line work at the time, which is NOW pretty useful for solving our customers computer software problems.

Search internet for DOS to learn more about it and possibly start from Wikipedia