Electrical Accessories

We have been selling Electrical Accessories and cables since 1993 and still serving our locals

Accessories include:

  • Standard Electrical Accessories like sockets, plugs, extension, lamp-holders, etc.
  • Clocks, Travel clocks, Mains clocks/radios, FM Radios (still better covered than DAB!)
  • Aquarium Thermometer, Digital Multimeter, Soldering Irons, Solder Tin in 3m lengths
  • Power supplies of various gender: please note we need to know voltage and ampere, to be able to help you out
  • Night-light, incandescent bulbs, energy saving, coloured, 15w GLS Night-light [while stock lasts]
  • Batteries of various kind. cables [7m] for vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Vast Range of Cables sold by the metre, Iron cable lengths of 3m to rewire Steam/Dry Irons
  • Back boxes: Pattresses, metal boxes, blank covers, etc.
  • Travel Mains Adaptors for all over the world and a dedicated mains adaptor for South Africa too

    MSelectrical.co.uk - Electrical Accessories

    MSelectrical.co.uk – Electrical Accessories


    ES Straight & Angled Lamp Holder

    ES Straight & Angled Lamp Holder


    Ceramic and Plastic ES SES Lamp Holder

    Ceramic and Plastic ES SES Lamp Holder
    Useful to repair/replace ceiling internal light units