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We only stock a low number of LED lamps at present and here is the reason why …

Many LED lamps that have been on sale in the last 5-6 years have a ‘very low Lumen’ value = less brightness and they are NOT really equivalent for standard filament lamps – most of them, until old LEDs are exhausted!

For example an old type 60w Filament bulb [GLS], ‘usually’ equivalent in lumens is ~ 900lm/15W [standard variable].
Anything less, will result in far low brightness than you are used to.

For example, our GLS is a 15w LED but has 1300lm and equivalent wattage of ~90w – can substitute the standard 100w GLS lamp.

It means our 1300lm actually is 50% brighter and still being a 15w LED lamp – in fact in certain cases the classic ‘Cool Light’ Energy Saver is ‘still’ better than LED for brightness, in the 100w range.
Therefore a 60w bulb LED equivalent should be about 10w and 900ml – really.

There is this rule of LED lamps ‘must’ be about 20% of standard lamps wattage, which is correct if LEDs are actually ‘real’ high brightness latest ones!
So, a better way is to find LED lamps that have a lumens value of ~12x the standard lamp wattage – i.e. a LED lamp to be able to be ‘really’ a substitute for an old 60w standard lamp, lumens must be at least 720lm

It is ‘always’ advisable to get COOL colours [near to daylight], rather than the old Warm ones for high wattage lamps substitution.
You will get the maximum brightness and spread.

How long do they last?
Industrially speaking, LED lamps can and should last 10x standard lamps [20,000 hours] but… they are really susceptible to mains variations (i.e. spikes, surges) and lamp holder false contacts.
Electronics is fit in these lamps to supply the LEDs and electronics can be susceptible to mains changes and dimmable ones are the weakest having even more circuitry to control its power through a dimmer switch.
Also, unless you have a lamp holder failure (standing lamps), the mains  fuse will rarely blow [3A] as the LED lamps consumption will be far lower..
If there is a surge, LED lamp will blow and then possibly the fuse too!

I am sure in these times there will be plenty of people that disagree with our statements above – but that comes from experience (a few tests we carried out), rather than ‘just words’ – ‘it practically works for us’ !

We hope this helps you clear your doubts. Equivalent LED wattage = does not mean equivalent brightness!