Computer LCD Replaced

MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician

Computer LCD Screen Replacement Durham

…… CRACKED SCREEN ? Walked on it? No Problems

It usually is a 1 to 4 working days turnaround

Do you ‘really’ wish to send your £. 200-400 Tablet through the post ?

Standard 15.6″ Laptop replacement screen service available depending on model

Large screens might be higher in price, please enquire – please also note, any telephone estimates are ‘just estimates’ as same model might fit different screen and we really need to open it and check to be exact.

We sometime get customers that had their Computers on Repair (or so they wished!) in ‘well Known’ Retail Chains only to be told – no spares available for this repair and all this after they kept it for 14-21 days!

We are no Gods and we cannot repair everything, but we do our utmost to get the repair done fast and at reasonable cost.
If we cannot repair it, we simply say ‘we’ cannot repair it!

Very rarely, we might be forced to make you wait longer than usual – maybe 7 days (certainly not 14-21 days!) – it can happen once in a while.

We always keep you informed of what goes on.

Replacement Laptop Tablet LCD Screen in Langley Park Durham DH7 9XA

If you end up with a cracked screen, a Replacement Laptop LCD Screen Service is Available for most makers and models.
Screens are not stocked for obvious reasons – too many!

Mostly, they are available on a 2/3 days delivery to us


We do not supply Replacement Screen – we only do the supply when ‘we’ repair a laptop

All LCD replacements assume the laptop does work correctly and ‘only’ need a LCD replaced

iPhone Laptop Screen Repair

iPhone Laptop Screen Repair