Dock Charging Socket Repair

MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician

Dock Charging/Data Socket Repair/Replacing

IMPORTANT – PLEASE Bring the snapped/faulty/cracked/etc. original Socket for comparison

This is one of the commonest fault for Docks and some of them are a stock fault, like some ‘expensive’ wonderful Bose, etc.

We carry out repairs on Dock’s charging socket connectors - Dock Charging Socket Repair – Dock Charging Socket Repair Durham


  • Charging socket connectors are typically repaired from £. 29 – including part and excludes all Apple Devices
  • Apple Devices charging socket connectors are typically repaired for £. 29 up to 49 – including part – but it can change depending on ‘kind’ of repair needed – sometime the whole charging area need replacing.

Please note: mentioned prices are an indication, not ‘fixed prices’

If by any chance after preliminary examination the repair may take longer and/or parts are more expensive than usual,
and / or someone already attempted a failed repair, we may have to revise the device repair cost for the Dock Charging Connector based on what we found and how much longer it would take to do it professionally.