Remote Repaired Replaced

MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician

….. Intermittent working Remote?

Suddenly dead Remote Control?

If mechanical parts are not damaged beyond repair or unusually worn-out, we usually are able to repair 99% of Remote Controls around

We normally stock universal remote – READY TO WORK – no codes needed for:

LG, PANASONIC, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, SONY LCD TVs built AFTER year 2000 - Remote Control Repair and Replacement – Remote Control Repair and Replacement

Tv Universal Remotes by Make

Tv Universal Remotes by Make available
They go fast!
from year 2000 onwards
Makers available are:
LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung , SONY

Why throw you beloved ‘original’ remote to get a universal?

We repair remote controls when possible – only if NO parts are missing

Replacement Compatible and Original remotes are available – NOT universal

We stock the most common Freeview Freesat Remotes


We repair Remote Controls Since 1993