SONY Mobile Phone Screens Replacement Service

MS Electrical Repair Service is carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician

ALL WORK done in our premises since 1993 – we do not send your beloved gadget away!

SCREEN replacement usually takes 2-3 working days as we do not currently stock only a few of this maker’s screens – always keep a backup phone!

Please note: we Do NOT do all listed below at present
Send an enquiry form with FULL model number – you will find it on settings/about/model or Phone Identity or etc. – if it still is usable, as it is impossible to quote without exact information as there are variations for the same model range – quicker by web form than phone!

We DO NOT repair : M + S + T + Z series [ C6603 C6902 C6903 C6906 D6502 D6503 D6543 LIS1543ERP D6603 D6643 D6616 etc.] – CHECK below for SOME exceptions!


ALL other repairs but LCD, MUST have LCD intact, we will check for micro-cuts usually invisible to the eye.

Other repairs might be available, please ask and you will be quoted.